Sometimes He Loves Us…

These past few weeks Roman has been growing tired of the baby. More specifically of the level of my attention the baby requires and the attention it is taking away from him. I… Continue reading

Compelled To Decorate…

For when I’m feeling silly about my obsession with frivolous things… like area rugs, decorative pillows and dresses… … it is in our nature, human culture.

Iris: The 4 Month Update

Iris is full of personality. Lately I keep saying it feels like there’s a fully developed person in her brain stuck inside her baby body. She loves to smile and coo when you… Continue reading

Roman: The 20 Month Update

Roman has a few favorite things right now, like climbing behind the couch cushions, hanging out in windows, coloring the entire house blue, and his Papa. I am not one of his favorite… Continue reading

Snow Days

There is one advantage to winter, one and one alone: snow days. Like most children, Roman does not feel the cold. He could play in the soaking wet, freezing cold snow all day… Continue reading

Our Colic Cure

With our first born it was “deep knee bounces”. We never claimed he was a “colicky baby” because if we spent all day holding him, doing squats around the apartment, he did not… Continue reading

Dance Party Upgrade

Like everyone else in the blogosphere, I am obsessed with Ikea. Most recently, I am obsessed with our Ikea disco ball. If you have children, you should buy this. It costs $35 and… Continue reading

Sharing is Caring…

An Iris for good news, how lovely, I didn’t even know. image via A beautiful poem, “do not ask your children to strive for extraordinary lives…” Watch Middle School Kids Play a Led Zeppelin… Continue reading

Collecting Moments

This is now, every moment. Having small children has enveloped most of my days in a bitter sweet haze. Time is always in the room, the elephant you can no longer ignore. They exist in… Continue reading

On Streamlining My Life, A Personal Challenge

I am suddenly very much into the idea of “streamlining” my life. My meals. My wardrobe. My home. My beauty/hygiene routine (practically non-existent at the moment). I want it all organized and simplified for… Continue reading