Dance Party Upgrade

Like everyone else in the blogosphere, I am obsessed with Ikea. Most recently, I am obsessed with our Ikea disco ball. If you have children, you should buy this. It costs $35 and… Continue reading

Sharing is Caring…

An Iris for good news, how lovely, I didn’t even know. image via A beautiful poem, “do not ask your children to strive for extraordinary lives…” Watch Middle School Kids Play a Led Zeppelin… Continue reading

Collecting Moments

This is now, every moment. Having small children has enveloped most of my days in a bitter sweet haze. Time is always in the room, the elephant you can no longer ignore. They exist in… Continue reading

On Streamlining My Life, A Personal Challenge

I am suddenly very much into the idea of “streamlining” my life. My meals. My wardrobe. My home. My beauty/hygiene routine (practically non-existent at the moment). I want it all organized and simplified for… Continue reading

On My Bookshelf

For the longest time we did not know what to do with the wall behind our couch. What we eventually decided was to do something practical (because that is what I am really into at the… Continue reading

Etsy Love: Crocheted Turban Hats

Iris owns this one in turquoise  and the one pictured here with the pearl . I just love them. They’re handmade, soft and they make her look all fancy.

Sharing is Caring…

The story of my life these days. image via  What Mathematics Reveals About the Secret of Lasting Relationships and the Myth of Compromise Full of all sorts of interesting things such as:  “The most successful… Continue reading

Be Wild My Child

via the Wheatfield by Katie Daisy on Etsy

Is There Anything Sweeter Than a Toddler?

I’ve noticed recently… that I am completely obsessed with this boy. I catch myself constantly commenting to my husband about every single little thing he is doing. “Look at the way he’s marching,”… Continue reading

Our DIY Photoshoot

So we decided that before splurging on a fancy newborn photo-shoot, we’d attempt to do one ourselves. This was the agreement we had when Roman was born, except that it never really happened.… Continue reading