The Perfect Gift For New Parents (with a sense of humor)….


Two Questions: Could this be anymore perfect? and How did I not know about this sooner?

My mom and sister were visiting this past weekend, crashing in our living room, and Thursday Roman had a particularly bad night. Around 2am he woke up and spent the next hour and a half struggling to get back to sleep… tossing and turning and fussing. A bottle of milk couldn’t even save the night. Up until last week he had been sleeping through the night on a fairly regular basis for the past couple of months… so we have no idea whats going on. My mother could hear him through the wall and while browsing Paper Source the following day she came across this wonderful book: Go The F* To SleepWe all had a good laugh.

Sleep deprived new parents can use a good laugh too.

Nursery Decor Roundup

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1st row: Ragamuffin banner from Romawinkel , So Brave pillow from Romawinkel, Wild One banner from Sharptoothstudio

2nd row: Bright Lab Lights, Full Moon pillow from Alittlelark, Sheepskin rug from Ikea

3rd row: Cowhide rug from Ikea, Sleeping Fox pillow from Mini Boheme, Heirloom Bear Blanket

4th row: Land of Nod Campfire, Sweet William Mushroom, Ivie Baby Kilim Crib Sheet

Plans for our “little explorer, adventure nursery” are coming along… in my head and on my Pinterest board. In addition to the Etsy art I’ve been coveting, I’ve found some cushions, rugs, lights, blankets and banners to compliment the “wild and free” spirit I’m shooting for.

I have had some fun already designing my own color combinations on Bright Lab Lights, so many lovely shades to choose from. The picture above is one of their pre-packaged sets.

I think those ikea rugs are a pretty perfect accompaniment to our House Inhabit teepee.

Isn’t that sleeping fox just the sweetest?! (They make a pretty cute lion too.)

That Land of Nod Campfire would also be perfect for the teepee… however at $69 I think I might attempt a DIY version.

I am still obsessed with everything, literally everything, from Ivie Baby.

Roman: A 14 month Update

IMG_1010 IMG_1013

IMG_0991 IMG_1005

IMG_1018 IMG_0974

Roman is 14 months old!

He’s a real dancing machine. Whenever he sees Mike’s computer open he starts to wave his arms in the air (one of his dance moves) expecting music to start playing… so of course we play some, and he gets down!

He says “mmm” whenever he likes something and whenever he sees us eating or drinking something he would like us to share with him.

I swear I can see him growing over night. He wakes up some mornings and he just looks taller!

He says “pup” “ball” “bubble” “up” “did it” “book” “kitty” and “banana” and is suddenly doing very well with mimicking our words, lately we’ve noticed him say “turkey” “cheese stick” “hot” and “stinky” in his own little way!

He loves going for walks on his own two feet. He knocks on the door frequently now, requesting to run down the hall, and he gets so excited when we let him walk on the sidewalk all by himself (wearing his backpack harness of course).

He’s started throwing little “fits” when we have to take things away from him or correct certain behaviors. Also, when something he was enjoying ends, like a book or a song. These sort of mini tantrums are brand new and only occasional, but we imagine this is just the beginning.

He LOVES to vacuum with the dirt devil. When he’s done with it he insists on leaving it running. If we turn it off, he walks back over, turns it back on and then goes back to whatever he was doing.

He sleeps through the nigh most nights (in our bed) but on occasion he wakes up in the middle of the night and takes up to 2 hours to get back to sleep, tossing and turning, requesting water and bottles and being an overall little menace.

He still stays awake for about 3 hours after waking up in the morning, and then takes anywhere from an hour to a 3 hour nap. Depending on what time he wakes up, he either takes another nap about 3 hours later, or what has been more common lately: takes no other naps and lasts sometimes up to 8 hours just fine.

He’s getting good and throwing and kicking his ball, and he LOVES bubbles.

He picks favorite books and wants to read them over and over. Right now WADDLEI’m The Biggest Thing in the Ocean and The Little Blue Truck Leads The Way are at the top of the list. If I pick out something else to read he’ll grunt and walk to the shelf, toss off all the books until he finds the Little Blue Truck and bring it over for me to read. When it ends he points at the cover and says “book” until I read it again.

Sharing is Caring…


*Art Print by Billy and Scarlet Etsy Shop

How We Learn: Motherlode shares advice for helping kids learn.: Let your child play teacher (you learn a concept best by teaching it!) Use restlessness in your favor (you learn best when alternating environments!) Take a break (when you’re stuck, distraction, even Instagram(!) brings on the breakthroughs!) Do the work in pieces (don’t cram!) and sleep! I’ve always had this “plan” of learning to play the piano by putting my children in lessons and then having them teach it to me as veiled practice… perhaps this isn’t a silly idea after all!

Do you pee in the shower? I was shocked when my husband admitted (not even admitted per se because he didn’t realize there was anything to “admit” merely just mentioned really…) that he sometimes pees in the shower. (So obviously, my answer to this questions is “no.”) Then he found this article that cites a statistic claiming 62% of people pee in the shower!

On that note: Do you pee in front of your significant other?  I was equally as shocked to read this post awhile back, in which so very many (I believe most) commenters responded with a resounding, “no!” (Obviously in this case, my answer is “yes!”)

This video, “California” is just pure torture. TAKE ME BACK!

Apparently there is going to be another royal baby. Kate Middleton is clearly copying my life, first she was married a week after us, then she gives birth to Prince George a week after our Roman arrived, and now this! I am going to go ahead and assume this time she’s having a little princess.

Anthropologie has me excited for Fall (as usual) with this dress, this top, and this cardigan.

These ricotta beignets sound (and look) amazing! (Donuts are quickly becoming the defining food of this pregnancy.)

Leafy Sea Dragons exist. You know, if you’re in the mood to feel awestruck by evolution.

Have a splendid weekend friends!

DC Love: The Coffee Bar

IMG_0961 IMG_0967 IMG_0971 IMG_0846 IMG_0847

The Coffee Bar  (on S between 12th and 13th) has become our new Saturday morning ritual. This all started when I woke up one morning craving donuts…

TCB is a little over a mile walk for us, past many a beautiful townhouse, under many big old shady trees. If you get there early enough they are stocked full of delicious morning pastries, scones, donuts and bagels to accompany your favorite caffeinated beverage (they do not serve decaf coffee/espresso).  They offer plenty of outdoor seating and a very cozy, charming interior. Also, they have ceiling fans! (If you have a baby/toddler you probably understand that enthusiasm.)

I love our more local FILTER for an iced latte/coffee on the go, but being so narrow and tiny it doesn’t work as a destination coffee shop for us with the little guy.

Basically: the walk is beautiful, the coffee is excellent, the ambiance is simultaneously trendy enough to let us pretend that we’re still hip young people and child friendly enough to make us comfortable and keep Roman happy… and the donuts are perfection. Roman is asleep by the time we get home and we have a little buzz on to help make good use of that precious free time!  I love Saturday mornings!