It Feels Like Summer, and We Have a Yard!

We have a yard! For the first time ever. In that yard we now have a grill, a picnic table, a rocking chair, a sandbox, a play house, an inflatable swimming pool, a… Continue reading

Iris: The 6 Month Update

  At 13 pounds 8 ounces Iris is now 10th percentile for babies her age, 50th on the corrected chart. At 23 1/2 inches she hasn’t made it onto the unadjusted chart yet,… Continue reading

Adventures, Just The Three Of Us

Roman, Iris and I were stuck in a rut. A winter house arrest rut. A couple of weeks back my mom came to visit and we decided to do our first metro adventure test… Continue reading

Sleepy Eyes and Sweet Bye Byes

One of my favorite parts of this moment in our life: Roman says “bye bye” at least two dozen times a day. He says “bye bye” to his food when he doesn’t want… Continue reading

Sharing Is Caring….

The Moral Bucket List : In his piece for the New York Times, David Brooks writes, “It occurs to me that I’ve achieved a decent level of career success, but I have not achieved… Continue reading

Advice From Mary Oliver…

  Something worth aspiring to. I am, at the moment, a bit taken with Mary Oliver and her very many insightful, inspirational poems.

On Our Bookshelf: A Rule Is To Break

A Rule Is To Break: A Child’s Guide To Anarchy i.e. Roman’s new favorite book. He carries it over to me to read to him about a dozen times a day. This amuses… Continue reading

Oh This Sweet Boy…

He is shy. We didn’t expect this. We characterized him as extroverted, a wild thing. After months of winter shut in we only really saw him in his own space, in his comfort… Continue reading

Iris: The 5 Month Update

This baby has so much personality. She smiles ALL. THE. TIME. at everyone, cooing and laughing, always so engaged, she is our little social butterfly. She slept 8 hours the other night, 10pm-6am.… Continue reading

Roman: The 21 Month Update

  He is still our little Wild Thing. He has so many laughs. So full of joy. He is suddenly a picky eater. Refusing things without trying them with a calm yet assertive… Continue reading