Moving Out…

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Today we move out of our DuPont Circle, DC apartment, the home we brought Roman home from the hospital to, our home for the last two years, the longest we’ve lived anywhere together, the longest I’ve lived anywhere in the past ten years of my life. I didn’t think I’d be sentimental about it, a little sad to leave this great neighborhood and plant ourselves a little further off the beaten path, yes, but mostly just excited for the change. Maybe its the pregnancy hormones, but as it turns out, it feels strange, more strange than I expected, and I’m just hoping I don’t break down at some point. Looking up these pictures certainly isn’t helping…

I can’t wait to see what Roman thinks of it all. He’ll still be surrounded by all the same stuff, but in a new space. A quieter space with no puppies or people to great at the hall or front desk. No elevators, no Monette or Carlton. Different streets to wander, different playgrounds. Will he notice? I’m so curious!

Here we go!

Currently Obsessed: Branch Decor in Kid’s Rooms

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1 / 23 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

After reviewing my Pinterest boards it became clear that I am “Currently Obsessed” with the use of branches in children’s rooms. I believe the love affair began at the first sight of image number 1: that magical nature mobile. Then I couldn’t remember if Roman’s room in our new home has a closet, so my search for solutions led me to more lovely uses of branches. I love the idea of wrapping them in colorful yarn to make them more decorative. I really love the idea of creating a little nature mobile, preferably of treasures we find… though I don’t think we’ll be finding any gorgeous colored glass drops on our walks in Virginia… so it’ll have to be a mix, we certainly have plenty of shells, rocks and sea glass to incorporate, and as long as Roman finds the sticks I’ll feel authentic. Number 9 isn’t real of course, but it does make for adorable inspiration, and wouldn’t those little birds from Children Inspire Design be a perfect accompaniment to branch decor?!

Also, I’m slightly jealous of the kid who gets to live in the room from image number 2.

Living Small


This weekend, for some packing inspiration, we watched TINY: A Story About Living Small on Netflix. We try to use moves to re-evaluate our “stuff” and simplify, and I can’t really imagine any better motivation than this documentary.  Apparently “tiny houses” are a thing. I’ve read plenty about minimalist living and space saving design for city apartments, but houses under 200 sq ft built on trailers (because of housing codes and regulations) and planted on large plots of land just for the sake of simple, sustainable living was not something I was aware of. (Obviously, as their website acknowledges, people all over the world live in “tiny” conditions out of necessity, the phenomena here is the choice to do so being made by folks with the means to live a typical middle class american lifestyle.)   There are “tiny house” bloggers and “tiny house” architects and there’s even a professor in Austin, TX living in a dumpster (which I had actually already read about, a sustainability project meant to educate and hopefully create a design for comfortable homes to be used for those in need.)


(image source)

So, for one thing, I can no longer claim that our new home has “literally” the smallest kitchen in the world.

Secondly, they make a compelling argument… not necessarily convincing enough to inspire us to attempt to live quite so small, but our conviction to continue to live with less space and less stuff is now stronger than ever.  In fact, I’ll go ahead and make a vow right now to never have two living rooms.

Simplify, simplify simplify: our motto this week! (and always and forever!)

Now go watch TINY!

Sharing is Caring…


The most important thing I’d like to teach my children. (image source

Roman has an adorable habit of rotating favorite books. It tends to take him a little while to get really into a particular story, and once he does he wants to read it a million times in a row all day long. He picks out his favorites and carries them to me to read to him all throughout the day. So I figured I’d start sharing his favorites of the week! His latest favorites: Lets Go To The Zoo, Goodnight Gorilla, Hug Time, Duck and GooseThe Going To Bed Book, and a Book of Sleep.

I am currently obsessed with these boots, this shirt, and these pants for Roman.

And I am super excited about having just ordered him these leather patch harems and these bobux navy moccs!

I plan on getting myself these winter boots this year, and I’ll simply dream of these.

10 Kids Brands You Need To Know. All my internet searching and I still have so much to learn. There are just too many beautiful children’s clothing lines out there… oh the torture!

This longboard stroller exists. (But apparently we aren’t worthy of it here in the US.)

I’m kind of obsessed with The Voice right now. They just finished up “battle rounds” and I was particularly a fan of this version of “Maybe I’m Amazed” (I LOVE that song.) Also, I just love those judges. Its an hour of happiness and positivity, something you just never see in reality tv! I also like this one, Jolene, and this guy is my favorite.

 We’ll be spending the weekend packing up our apartment (and hopefully packing in some last quick visits to local favorite places) before our move next week! Woohoo! Happy Weekend!

45 Ways To Make Cardboard Even MORE Fun For Kids!

row 1: playhouses,  cash register, cityrobot dinosaur row 2:  castle chair, sewing machine, deer head, rockets  row 3: guitar,  camera, telephone, photo booth cut outs row 4:  row houses, giant city, lemonade stand,  wild west row 5: car and gas pump, play domecamper refrigerator, 

I don’t know about you, but in our home, we have a bit of an addiction to Amazon. Between that and the deliveries of diapers and household products we always seem to have an over abundance of cardboard boxes to recycle. (Because the less shopping we must do with baby in tow the better, right?!) I constantly find myself pinning inspiration for awesome cardboard DIY creations for kids and decided it was time to round them up! They’re organized in groups from the most involved projects to the simplest!

row 1: toy chair, doll bed, box cars, narnia ships  row 2: elevator, castle, puppet theater, train, row 3: maze, large puppet theater, collapsable play house, ball maze row 4: cloud shadow box, mini houses, shape sorter, cave of stars row 5: cookiesgeometric sorting board, rainstickpicture frames

And if all this seems like a little too much work, you can just stick your kid in a box with crayons!

For those among us who don’t share the Pinterest communities passion for DIY, here are a few pretty cool cardboard toys you can just buy:

bildopolis giant rocketcardboard kingdombloc city


Baby Girl Winter Bootie Roundup

1. PediPed Rosa Original 2. Stride Rite Crib Sweetie Snuggle Knit Bootie 3. Zara Cashmere Knit Bootie 4. Minnetonka Sheepskin Bootie 5. Oeuf Animal Bootie 6. Zutano Cozie Fleece Bootie 7. Bobux Moccasin 8. Freshly Picked Amour Moccasin 9. Acorn ‘Tex Easy’ Slipper 10. Uggs Bixbee 11. Robeez Cozy Ankle Bootie 12. Ugg Kids Purl

With our baby girl due early January, I’ve been going a tad crazy searching adorable winter gear for her first few months. It really doesn’t get much cuter than baby booties, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites for the little lady pre-walkers this winter!

Anyone have any recommendations for winter baby essential accessories?!