Reading to Baby…

by LeeLi

photo (18)

Is this picture insane or what?! (My husband thinks it will freak people out, and so far he’s been right, but in a good way, people are totally weirded out, but they love it!) I love it! That baby was sticking himself out so far, you can’t help but think he was enjoying the story!

After reading several articles about the importance of reading and simply talking to your children, starting basically from infancy, my husband and I decided to begin creating the habit immediately! Besides all the benefits being discovered about the developmental stimulation reading instigates, it is also said that it is good for the baby to hear the fathers voice often while in utero. Though he can hear everything going on around me now, his identification of the voice should be better if he is spoken to more directly and consistently.  Apparently this way, he won’t only recognize and prefer my voice, but will be familiar with his father as well. Also, its just a fun little bonding ritual! My husband really enjoys reading to the baby, it has probably been his favorite thing about the pregnancy experience, and those moments will definitely be some of our most treasured from this time. He can’t wait to tell his son someday how he read him the Hobbit before he was born (and he really hopes it turns out to be his favorite book!)

I’ve started making a list of all the books I plan to read to him, its really one of my favorite things to think about when I imagine our future with him. I have such beautiful memories of being read to by my mother and grandmother. I attribute so much of who I am to those experiences, and I really feel like its one of the greatest gifts you can give your children, one of the best ways to influence and inspire them.

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